Real Estate Transaction Processing Services


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At Aspen TC LLC, I am a certified transaction coordinator taking on all aspects and responsibilities of processing real estate contracts. I charge $400 per contract as my service fees.

Contract Intake Services

I offer a range of contract intake services to ensure an efficient and seamless process. My responsibilities include:

  • Create digital files
  • Ensure disclosures are signed and attached
  • Upload documents to the broker’s compliance file and the agent’s digital file
  • Obtain and send the Preliminary Title Report and schedule all contingencies and deadlines dates on the calendar
  • Send executed Purchase Agreement to escrow and the buyer’s lender
  • Email copies of documents, escrow, and title information to the appropriate parties
  • Provide addendums if required
Aspen TC LLC
Aspen TC LLC

Contingencies and Deadlines

As a transaction coordinator, I take care of all administration tasks and ensure to:

  • Calendar all contingencies, inspections, lender deadlines, and appraisals
  • Monitor all lender financing contingencies and deadlines
  • Ensure all appropriate documents are sent to escrow


As a professional coordinator, I provide the necessary documents and information to the brokers, agents, escrow, lenders, and the parties involved in the purchase contract.

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